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Daraberg is the first Sasanian capital and one of the five Pars states in ancient Iran. It is also referred to as ‘Darabrard’. [1]

In the multi-volume series of the Encyclopedia of the Islamic World (vol. 16, p. 664), it is related to the functions of Darab: “Darabgard, the furnace and old city, and one of the five furnaces of the Persian province, part of the middle, southern and southeast of the present Fars province, namely, More or less the area of ​​Darab, Zarin Dasht, Fasa, Jahrom, Estahban, Neyriz and Larestan. ”

Regarding the boundaries of the Darab city, in the history of Islam (Eighth Edition, No. 29, p. 33-65 Persian Gulf ports in the Middle Ages of Islam), it is plain that the eastern coasts of Fars were from the kiln that was located in the vicinity of Kerman And two Lar and Soro cities were introduced from the Darab ports of the Middle Ages.

In the book “Persian Dictionary of Cultures in Arabic”, Shooshtari’s Compilation is also called the Old City of Hurmatz (near the Minab) of Darab’s Great Ports.

Donald Whitcom writes in his article in The History of the Persian Gulf from the earliest era to date: “Darab circled from the Gulf to the high mountains and the Iranian plateau.”

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