Dragonfly Castle

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Dragonfly castle in Larestan city on a hill on the northern side of the city. Between this hill and the “Nardin Castle” on it, there is a narrow valley that is a dense river (seasonal river) called River (Verund). The construction of the dam between the two hills is still small. On the eastern side of the Dragon Castle, on a high elevation overlooking Lar, there are remains of a building that is famous for the grave of Nader Shah’s mother. The outer walls of the building are square and have a dimensions of 4.5 / 4 × 5/4 meters and a height of 9 meters.

It dates back to the Sassanid era (Pohnda, 1986, p. 66). The fortresses and its interior facilities have been so firmly established that they used to call it Kiani spell (Ajman, 1366, p. 214). Above this mountain is a well-carved stone rock that is famous for dandelas and tells about the many stories and myths that the oldest of these narratives are in the talks of the graves , from the Safavid era writings:
“From the top of the mountain to the top of that rock. It is said that in that well, the treasure trove is enormous and Mari is the clerk, and those who have sought the treasure have gone so far and have been killed. It is said that during the reign of Shah Abbas Thani, the governor of Lar sent a CD in that well, after a while he took him out. It has been quoted as saying that since it was inside the well, I saw several thousand sword that crossed the well from the left and right. Because I was praying and having a Qur’an, I heard someone say that they told him that Klamallah was with him. I crossed over there, and somehow I went to the bottom of the well to turn off several thousand beams, I went through the Quran and prayed there and reached the bottom of the well. After a while, I saw a bed and a man sitting on the top of that bright white beard, I salute. He replied, “Tell Abbas,” what do you want us to do, Mr. Abbas does not benefit from this property, as well as a knapsack and one Ashraf. Give the dagger to Abbas, give Ashrafi a “Big Bang”. A little bit of soil gave me and said: look. Because I thought I saw four huge streets in this well. Two streets to the eye were dishes and owls of gold and silver, and the jewelry was very tumultuous and stood in the streets of the complementary army. He said: “This is the property and the army of Qa’im Al-Muhammad.” Go tell me to wear a headpiece and it’s up to him to be harmful to him. ”
In the book “The World of Arbat Abbasi”, this castle has been named, and today its ruins overlook the city of Lar on the top of the pitch.

Of course, in the city of Shiraz, another castle with the same name is the plains. Dragon Castle “is located on a high elevation in west of Shiraz, with a width of 700 meters and 170 meters. The castle consists of three sections: the stone wall, the hatching, the upper and middle castles, and dates back to the pre-Islamic period according to the findings. This castle was inhabited by a century ago.

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