Fire temple

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Fire Temple Promenade is one of the public parks in Fars province . This walkway is located in the Khoramankh area in Fasa and on the Shiraz – Estahban axis. The presence of fountains and fish ponds in this walkway has added to its beauty. This work was registered on March 13, 1315 with the number 264 as one of the national works of Iran. Twenty kilometers north of Fasa, alongside a small lake, remains of the Sassanid era, among which there is also a fire temple that is covered with roof. In the north of Fasa, there is a small burk in the local dialect, called the pump. The inhabitants of this fire temple are called Al-Babar, and they attribute it to the king of the Prophets. Beside the fire temple there are numerous works of a Sassanid city, including the rock of Salman, which was the entrance gate of a building. The materials of this palace are carvings and carvings, covered with gypsum cladding. On the left side of the ridge and right on the side of the road, a quadrangle stone, seamlessly up to the approximate height of the Doegas, stands firmly and securely protected from countless incidents. On one of the levels, they have carved a circle that has not gone away from the ancient motifs. At the top of it is a small pit that has probably been the fire temple of this fire. This stone belongs to the Sassanid era fire temple, which some of the Zoroastrians of Persia have lived here and performed their religious rituals. The work of the surrounding hills, as well as the stonework, is evidence of this. In the so-called ” case “, which is a type of Zoroastrian sanctuary, it can be seen throughout the region, and despite the fact that it is located in the middle of the agricultural lands of the peasantry, it is not permissible to dig and root them. The Tang-karm Sassanid Temple (Tang-karm is one of the villages close to the fire temple) is a reminder of the great fire of Firouzabad, Pars.

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