Lake Sevenfrem

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The lake is located 55 kilometers west of Shiraz and the northeast of the Orjan and Parishan protected areas, and is 29 degrees 5 minutes north latitude and 1950 meters above sea level. The lake has beautiful views of the hills and bromma. Its weather is cold and dry in the winter and temperate in the summer. The proximity of this area to Shiraz , the diversity of its landscapes and its pleasant climate has led to the fact that many people in Shiraz , Kazeroon and Sepidan travel to this place in the majority of seasons, despite the lack of services and amenities. Access to this walk through the subway road adjacent to the Ghoragh-Aghach bridge after Khanzanian, which is 22 km away from the main road of Shiraz – Kazeroon .

One of the freshwater ecosystems of Fars province is the seventh-day lake, which consists of four permanent ponds and three seasonal ponds. The area of ​​some aqueducts is permanent water catchment area of ​​more than 20 hectares. The collection of seven-lake lakes is due to suitable habitat conditions and the presence of favorable ecological factors such as vegetation and freshwater from migratory aquatic resources. The waters of the seventy-seven lakes are covered by atmospheric spills and springs. However, it should be noted that due to the occupation of the inhabitants and the conversion of rangeland lands to the margin of the reservoirs, the area suffered from erosion of the soil, the sediments have changed the ecological conditions in these ecosystems that have affected the reduction of the water level of these resources.

Due to the fact that the region is one of the special areas of tourism in Fars province, unfortunately, without obtaining a permit for digging wells and obtaining a change in the use of manipulations that will help dismantle the lakes in the near future. If the ecosystems, natural resources, municipalities, and the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Bureau of Fars were provided with an ecovoltage of the region, a plan could be provided to protect the migratory birds in the first six months of the tourism and conservation area. To become one of the world’s leading tourism destinations. (Mohammad Goodarzi, Environmental Expert)

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