Mount Braz and the dungeon area

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The Brazilian region is mountainous with an amazing nature and massive forests and wildlife that lies on the Fieresabad coast, about 35 km from the city of Firouzabad in the northwest.

The dungeon is also an area in this wonderful mountain, which in fact can be said that its natural attractions are one of the most beautiful of Iran.

To reach these pristine and natural areas after choosing the Firoozabad road, after the tight trench before the entire plain, and in fact between the tango and the entire plain, which is about 30 to 35 km from Firoozabad, you can go to this wild nature Come up Of course, it takes about two hours to walk. When you move from the tight side of the crest to your side, the Brass and Dungeon area is on your right.

The dungeon is the name that our ancestors have put on this beautiful piece of land in Iran. A piece that actually comes with the destruction of a piece of your body. Every destruction is not dead, and this can be seen clearly in the dungeon. The dungeon is a puddle in the Firoozabad mountains, where the sound of it is heard by climbers and tourists interested in nature in nature.

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